The Memoirist

It’s really exciting to find out that something you considered boring from a distance turns out to be really awesome up close and personal. I can’t wait to write again -and that’s the best feeling any writer can have.

Your crisis has arrived

The dream I’m talking about is like that rose from the movie Beauty and the Beast. It’s sparkly like a Twilight vampire, but so very delicate that the slightest breeze cannot be allowed to jostle it’s glowing petals.

Distraction as therapy

I’m still trucking along. Hopefully the writing will still come, and eventually the jobs will come for it. Either way -working at something I love has become a distraction I’m happy for. For once.

Mind-numbingly overwhelmed

We’re back from vacation…

…and the pile has only grown. I have a summer class four days a week (starting yesterday) a big test tomorrow morning that I haven’t studied nearly enough for, need to make appointments and get to appointments and write the several things I’ve volunteered myself for and start my new cleaning job.

I must accomplish all of these things without my own vehicle and with a sunburn. Also, I have a feeling most of my phone calls will go unanswered due to the unusually large amount of stress I’m venting about. Thanks, universe! /rant

Your artist is showing

I haven’t had much work or journalistic inspiration lately, as the urge to be creative -inspiration or muse or whatever you choose to call it- has overshadowed my usual caution. There have also been setbacks and what feel, in the moment anyway, like tragedies. Through it all I’ve got a new motivation, but it’s been difficult to come to terms with what it is.

Conjunction junction

Why is writing always last on my list? Because every other thing I have to do is ultimately a responsibility to someone else as well. If only I could escape to a place where time didn’t exist, just long enough to pen my masterpiece. I suppose a watched to-do list doesn’t check itself off.