Florida Dreamin’

I realize that it’s winter here in Northern Illinois and that the only place to find something like this is in a greenhouse… which is exactly why I’m posting it. I caught this little beauty in Florida while visiting a friend, and it reminded me of a more exotic version of my Sun Salutation (tulip) from a few years ago. Check the archives and compare, if you like. =)

What does the captive wonder?

Recently I got to visit the zoo with a friend and her daughter (and the boys of course). The temperature was dropping all day, and these two lions were simply laying about staring across the enclosure at the open railing when I approached the plexiglass window to the side of their stony perches.

Hello, My Little Friend

Well, maybe not so little. We won’t be seeing any of these guys for a while, since the cold weather is finally settling in. Already I miss the green forest and all it’s critters. At least I have pictures of all the life I haven’t uploaded yet. Maybe I can sustain myself for a little while with images.

Blissful Beach

I recently visited a good friend in Florida. Fortunately, we both appreciate the quiet moments in life and we found the time to visit a fairly low-traffic beach. I had my Canon Powershot with me, but be prepared… I’ll soon be posting some experimental fun with a digital SLR!

Candy Coated Clowns

I just love color and symmetry. This picture has both! The kids always ask for quarters when we pass by these machines. Thank heaven they haven’t gone up to 50 cents like so many others.

Ask Alice…

I was just waiting for a smurf to pop out of this thing, it was about three apples tall! Why does fungus fascinate me so? We found this colossal ‘shroom on the forest floor in the Black River Forest State Park in Wisconsin.

Ring Around the Forest

I found this little beauty sort of near a fallen log in the Black River State Forest. The forest floor has so many interesting shapes and colors and fungi, somehow I always end up laying in the dirt to get some strange Orson Welles-esque looming mushroom shot. This one was pretty flat, but the colored rings caught my attention.

More Than An Inch Worm

Bastian found this caterpillar creeping along the ground and raised the call for most of camp to come and exclaim how large it was. The little guy was as big as one of Mike’s fingers! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Bastian to wiggle a toe closer for size comparison. You’ll have to trust me -it was HUGE!

Rainy Day Iris

Another picture taken during our post-rainstorm hike through Blackhawk Springs. The colors really are pretty during or after inclement weather. The sky was overcast with just enough diffuse light to lend a surreal sort of saturation to the flowers (and I may have added some more in Fotoflexer.

Death Becomes Us

This is the entrance to Bloods Point Cemetery near Flora Township in Northern Illinois. So named for the Blood family who were among the earliest settlers in the area. Obviously it’s a draw for teenagers, ghost enthusiasts, and thrillseekers alike (with a name like that!), but it’s been vandalized more than a few times in the last 50 years.