Palace of Iris

Palace of Iris

I can hardly believe that I’m getting such gorgeous life already in April, but this spring has been gorgeous. These Irises are just beginning to open up, and the tulips have already come and gone. If I could shrink, this would totally be my secret clubhouse.

Florida Dreamin’

I realize that it’s winter here in Northern Illinois and that the only place to find something like this is in a greenhouse… which is exactly why I’m posting it. I caught this little beauty in Florida while visiting a friend, and it reminded me of a more exotic version of my Sun Salutation (tulip) from a few years ago. Check the archives and compare, if you like. =)

Winter Is Coming

I realize it’s been far to long since I posted any photos -time has gotten the better of me in recent months. I thought this would be appropriate for my first post out of hiding. While I can’t guarantee that I’ll be keeping up with this blog as much as I’d like (if only we could live on doing what we love), I can promise that I’ll try to make a habit of shooting when I have spare time. I’ll have to get pretty creative since Winter Is Coming.

Hello, My Little Friend

Well, maybe not so little. We won’t be seeing any of these guys for a while, since the cold weather is finally settling in. Already I miss the green forest and all it’s critters. At least I have pictures of all the life I haven’t uploaded yet. Maybe I can sustain myself for a little while with images.

Seeds of Change

I really meant to get more pictures of fall leaves before they all fell. Unfortunately, my procrastination has taken all the colors from me. These seed-laden dried plants were really cool close-up.

No Rolling Stone Here

I love moss, fungus, lichens… pretty much anything that grows but does not otherwise resemble a plant or animal. This lovely shape was growing on the side of a huge stone in the Black River Forest. Looks even cooler from a distance!

Dangling Decay

This wind chime was so pretty and shiny when I bought it. My dad and I were living in a house on the South side of town, I was newly involved with my (now) husband and starting a new chapter of life. I’ve been hesitant to take it down despite the fact that rust and weather are tearing it up. Everything’s gotta go sometime, though…

Big Nasty

I found this on the screen of our back window on the deck… he was just chillin out and allowed me to take several up close and personal shots. This one was my favorite because of the focus on the screen.