Hello, My Little Friend

Well, maybe not so little. We won’t be seeing any of these guys for a while, since the cold weather is finally settling in. Already I miss the green forest and all it’s critters. At least I have pictures of all the life I haven’t uploaded yet. Maybe I can sustain myself for a little while with images.

Last Ditch Effort

I took the boys for a walk in the forest, and with a newly borrowed Canon Eos 20D snapped a few autumn shots. This here bumble bee found the last few flowers to collect from and I got a few goodies from his efforts… my GOD I love this camera.

Big Nasty

I found this on the screen of our back window on the deck… he was just chillin out and allowed me to take several up close and personal shots. This one was my favorite because of the focus on the screen.

Come Inside… We Have Cookies!

I kept wondering what would come out of this tunnel web if I were to get caught in it… fortunately I’m like 100 times the size of whatever it would be. Still, these giant rocks (deposited sometime post ice-age by glaciers on the melt) were full of water erosion holes and spiderwebs. A few of them even grew trees!

More Than An Inch Worm

Bastian found this caterpillar creeping along the ground and raised the call for most of camp to come and exclaim how large it was. The little guy was as big as one of Mike’s fingers! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Bastian to wiggle a toe closer for size comparison. You’ll have to trust me -it was HUGE!

Monarchs Do It Upside Down

I spent a good long while stalking this fellow through my day lilies this afternoon… he was so quick that his wings just became a blur when I tried to catch them open. Fortunately, I got a few good ones to cherish. Finally! I captured the monarch!

A Feast For Flies

We went camping last summer at this pagan friendly/nudist friendly campground waaaaay out in the boonies of southern Indiana. These little guys had a feast left behind on one of our folding canvas camp tables. I just liked the lines in this one -and the detail.