Oh, the places you’ll go

The restless panic that’s set in for the last few of those years nearly drove me over the edge of madness. Standing in the line today to pick up my cap and gown, it still hadn’t sunk in that this was happening.

The end of things

Next month I’ll start my last semester as a college student, and prepare myself for the next stage in my life. I will accomplish the thing my father set before me in the last words we shared. I will make him proud.

Risk Taking 101

The semester has begun, and I am in classes. Heck, I’m writing this blog from a computer lab at school. I have to say it feels damn good to be where I’ve wanted to be for the last four years… but this victory isn’t won yet.

Out of the Clouds a Moment

t’s nice just to be in a room and realize that it’s been successfully repurposed due to all your hard work. Thanks to all the friends who’ve helped with the painting and furniture moving. Maybe we can talk Mike into a Yule-tide party…

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