Hello, My Little Friend

Well, maybe not so little. We won’t be seeing any of these guys for a while, since the cold weather is finally settling in. Already I miss the green forest and all it’s critters. At least I have pictures of all the life I haven’t uploaded yet. Maybe I can sustain myself for a little while with images.

Seeds of Change

I really meant to get more pictures of fall leaves before they all fell. Unfortunately, my procrastination has taken all the colors from me. These seed-laden dried plants were really cool close-up.

Last Ditch Effort

I took the boys for a walk in the forest, and with a newly borrowed Canon Eos 20D snapped a few autumn shots. This here bumble bee found the last few flowers to collect from and I got a few goodies from his efforts… my GOD I love this camera.

No Rolling Stone Here

I love moss, fungus, lichens… pretty much anything that grows but does not otherwise resemble a plant or animal. This lovely shape was growing on the side of a huge stone in the Black River Forest. Looks even cooler from a distance!

Ask Alice…

I was just waiting for a smurf to pop out of this thing, it was about three apples tall! Why does fungus fascinate me so? We found this colossal ‘shroom on the forest floor in the Black River Forest State Park in Wisconsin.

Come Inside… We Have Cookies!

I kept wondering what would come out of this tunnel web if I were to get caught in it… fortunately I’m like 100 times the size of whatever it would be. Still, these giant rocks (deposited sometime post ice-age by glaciers on the melt) were full of water erosion holes and spiderwebs. A few of them even grew trees!

Ring Around the Forest

I found this little beauty sort of near a fallen log in the Black River State Forest. The forest floor has so many interesting shapes and colors and fungi, somehow I always end up laying in the dirt to get some strange Orson Welles-esque looming mushroom shot. This one was pretty flat, but the colored rings caught my attention.