How To Be Broke- and still get by

I got this glorious hall of sustenance for the week and still managed to stay $5 under budget. Of course, I forgot drinks for Bastian’s sack lunches -but I can get those and we’re still good.

This leads me to the next installment of my latest idea to help assuage the horrors of bein’ broke.

Visitor or no visitor?

…I’ve always sort of wondered if my dad’s spirit ever visits the nursery. I suppose I could say that I have felt as if I’m being watched in there occasionally -not in a creepy way, but more in a wistful kind of isolated way.

Things That Sting

I stood up to find my husband (all six feet four inches of him) rolling around in the grass laughing hysterically. At first I couldn’t tell if he was hurt or not, but everyone was fine. At least I got a chance to play around with the fireworks setting on my digital camera.

Night Rider Strikes Again!

Somewhere between cross-stitching for a while, making pigs in a blanket for breakfast, and attempting yet again unsuccessfully to find the mounting bracket for my bike basket -I made some etch-a-sketch art.

Livin’ on the Edge

I’ve finally bitten the Twitter bullet, and I must say… it’s growing more addictive by the hour. Once I found out that I can update via text message and it isn’t going to charge me for data usage, I began tweeting my little heart out.