My Digital Existential Crisis

I want to play video games and write fantasy novels, but at the same time I want to be taken seriously when I represent a brand that has nothing to do with either. Have we come far enough now, in 2015, that my multiple digital personality disorder won’t matter?

Shining Moments

This post, today, is about those shining happy moments when I really feel as if all the stars are aligned properly and I’m just where I’m supposed to be. I get that feeling a lot more often now, and I’m almost starting to get used to it. Almost.

Despite All My Rage

This autumn is just beginning, but it will be the first one in years I’ll be able to experience with a heart full of honest joy. If I seem contemplative lately, it’s because I’m often reminded of the words and the heartbreak I experienced as last summer ended.

Stepping Outside

All the snarky details aside, when it came tumbling down I was scared to death that my kids were going to end up broken because that crappy illusion I had built for them was being destroyed.