The Dust Settles

I woke up super early the morning after we moved into our new house, and mistakenly thought I was an hour and a half late for work. More importantly, I woke up in my own home. We did it! We are finally moved into our new house!

It was our first time waking up here, and there are boxes everywhere. My alarm clock is a few hours fast, and the table I decided to use for my nightstand is definitely too low. But I couldn’t be happier than I am now. I haven’t felt this good and motivated since the beginning of 2017.

art-deco-stained-glass-nerd-heavenThe kids spent much of that first night unpacking their rooms, each in his own space finally, deciding how they want to place furniture and decorations. The kitties came over after everything was in the house and the last of our DIY electrical tasks were finished and closed up, safe from curious whiskers. They’ve been exploring the house and staring out the windows since they arrived, but so far they seem generally happy. Maybe I’m projecting a little, but I love watching them explore their new house and sniff around every nook and cranny.

I spent my first morning at home hobbling around the living room, kitchen, and family room. My step count was nearly 50% over goal for the several days leading up to the move. I’ve located the box with our K-cup coffees, plugged in my laptop to get to work, and all week I’ve been on a cloud. I can only describe it as contentedness… this house was a goal that we reached after years of effort. It’s amazing and strange to finally be in it, existing here and arranging all of our things.

Somehow I know that this feeling will fade, and that this home will become our new normal, but it’s hard to imagine. It’s difficult to think of a time when I might not feel this amazing gratitude, the peacefulness of knowing that everything around me, above me, and below me is ours. No neighbors under the floor or on the other side of the wall. No questioning whether it’s worth the time or expense to improve something, because we’ll just move away later.

For two years we lived in an expensive apartment, but it always felt temporary. It felt like a transfer point between our previous lives and this thing we were working towards. It’s amazing to be standing just past the finish line, looking back at how far we’ve come. I’m thankful for it. I’m in love with life.

As we settle in, I’m starting to consider this feeling of hopefulness and wondering what my next huge, ambitious goal will be. Maybe it’s time to get back to the novel I started before my divorce. Thanks for reading this far – I’m sure I’ll be sharing plenty more thoughts as we piece together this little slice of Nerd Heaven we just bought.



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