Old Haunts, New Roads

Last night, I said my final farewell to the apartment life.

We are all moved into our home, and gave ourselves the last few weeks of July to get the old place cleaned up. We’re hoping that we’ll see a healthy portion of our deposit come back. It’s been tough, honestly, to motivate myself to go back and clean the 3 bedroom upper apartment we lived in for the last two years.

apartment-cleaning-friendIn all honesty, my best friend is a saint from Heaven above and it was him that spent hours scrubbing and sweeping and filling in nail holes in the walls. Walking into the place for the last time, I was moved by the pristine emptiness of it. The walls are bare and white, the carpets are vacuumed and (mostly) clean; even the corner where the litter box had been is spotless.

What really hit me, as I walked through each room and stuck my head into closets and cabinets, was that this was a chapter finished. It felt almost like we’d deleted ourselves from the space… which I guess we have. The house already feels like home. The apartment was like a husk, devoid of our family’s warmth and clutter; but also like a blank slate. It’s ready for the next occupants to fill it with their lives, just like our home is now the blank page we’ll fill with future stories. This is the home where I hope to literally write my stories, finish my book, and make this blog come alive. I like to imagine we’ll grow old here, finding comfort in it’s familiarity and our ownership of it.

Goodbye Apartment, Hello Road Trip!

road-trip-short-cutSpeaking of growing old, I’m going to a conference this weekend. That same angelic BFF is helping out with the kids, my boyfriend has plenty of unpacking to do, and I’m going out of state for a women’s retreat.

This weekend promises to be interesting, and I’m hoping I’ll have some time to write about how it’s going from the road. On my last trip far away, I found some time to blog and it really did help me unwind and enjoy myself once I got the words out. As long as we don’t end up lost in the American South, I’m expecting a good time. Expect lots of photos on my Instagram feed!

We’ve still got towering piles of boxes in the garage to unpack, although I’m plugging away at it each day after work. The end of this month is the end our our lease, and we’ll make our first mortgage payment soon after. Time to start living! No more excuses or putting things on hold “until we get the house” for whatever reason. I am thrilled. Life is still pretty good, and I’m excited to keep blogging about it as we go.

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